Alas Azules | Miami Reiki | Sahaham
Practicioner Chris
Specialties Traditional Usui Reiki Master
1st Phase Magnified Healing® Master
What will be experienced? Every person has a different experience but basically you will receive the energy comming from the universe and that energy will be able to helps to balance all your energetic center of the body called chakras.
Duration Usually the sessionn could take around 45 minutes but if we feel that we have to spend more time in an specific chakra or part of the body, we will be sending more energy for the time it takes
Prices In house $40, in other location $55
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Practicante Chris
Especialidades Traditional Usui Reiki Master
1st Phase Magnified Healing® Master
Que vas a experimentar? Cada persona vive una experiencia distinta, pero basicamente recibiras energía proveniente del universo que sera utlizada para balancear tus centros energéticos del cuerpo los cuales son llamados chakras
Duración Normalmente la sesion dura alrededor de 45 minutos, pero si se siente que se necesita mas tiempo aplicando energía en algún punto especifíco, seguiremos enviando energía por el tiempo que requiera
Precio En casa $40, A domicilio $55
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