Reiki Session

A full Reiki Session could be from 45 mins to 75 mins. Depending of the client situation.

It start with casual conversation so the healer can feel what the client is looking for, then We can focus the intention of the session.

Followed by a calming meditation or relaxation through a breathing technique.

Practitioner start the session moving the hands through different positions over the client balancing all the energy centers or chakras. The client could experience different sensations from deep relaxation, warm temperature, change in the breathing pattern or even have a mystical experience.

Healing could happen on the physical, mental, energetic or spiritual level.


  • First time session promotional $45 (50% discount)
  • Regular session $80
  • Also packages are available for more than 3 sessions, starting on $45 per session.
  • Private Group therapy available.
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