Distance Healing

In this treatment the healer is not in the same physical place than the client, but the session need to be synchronized so the receiver needs to be in a relaxed comfortable position to receive the healing energy. The healer connect with the etheric body of the recipient and send the healing out of time and space, but effects can be immediately received by the client. It is a very powerful a deep healing and also convenience for the client because he or she just have the lay down in his or her own bed or couch.

Sessions are between 15 and 20 mins, shorter than full reiki sessions, but it is recommended to have more than 2 or 3 sessions in order to have better results.


Today promotion is, first 15 minutes session is complementary, for the client to have the experience and feel the treatment, then each 15-20 minutes session price is $15.

It is recommended to have a treatment with 3 or more session to feel better the effects of the healing.

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